Thursday, October 04, 2007

Optic Recycling

Reusing is the best form of recycling! Thanks to Buford Crites who donated (on behalf of the club) tripods, binoculars and scopes which were forwarded to the Birder’s Exchange. Do you have similar items to donate? We can help if you wish. Call (760) 349-3515.
Many organizations can make use of used binoculars or scopes in good condition. The American Birding Association operates The Birder’s Exchange see or call 800-850-2473 ext 237.
Optics for the Tropics supports bird conservation in the Caribbean and Latin America. American migratory birds often spend a significant part of the year in the tropics. To truly protect these species we need to partner with our counterparts south of the border. Besides donating optics, you may want to consider donating money to support a bird monitoring station. For information see
Another place to donate is the Asa Wright Nature Centre in Trinidad. Their website has a wish list that includes optics, computers and scientific equipment

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