Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Review - Dr. Bird

Dr. Bird to the Rescue
A Tale From the Desert
Dr. Bird to the Rescue is an entertaining story that contains valuable information for children regarding the delicate ecosystem of our deserts. This delightful book was written by D.J. Smith, Illustrated by Kevin Kibsey and published in 2005 by Arizona Highways.
The story begins with a Saguaro Cactus named Sammy who begins to feel sick. Because he is rooted firmly in place, Sammy is unable to get the help he needs. He asks many of the desert creatures around him for assistance but they either can’t or won’t help him because he is “different”. One of these creatures is a wise Elf Owl who recognizes Sammy’s problem and calls for Dr. Bird to do a “house call”.
This story is charming but the real treasure is at the end of the book. A glossary at the back contains photographs and short biographies of the many desert characters featured. A “must read” to insure our little ones to love and respect the desert and its many inhabitants.

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